Setting up Xcode 4.3 (for MacVim, Homebrew and Haskell)

Xcode 4.3 was released recently and one of the changes it brought with it was that the /Developer folder now has moved into the Xcode app bundle. This has caused headaches for lots of developers and MacVim was not spared either. I recently did a clean install of Mac OS X Lion and Xcode 4.3 and thought I’d document my experiences in this post.

After installing Xcode 4.3 (my version says 4.3.1) you must manually go into the Xcode preferences, select the Downloads tab and install the Command Line Tools. Even after this step you will not be able to use automake and friends; these have to be installed manually.

My intention was to use Homebrew with my fresh install (I had never bothered with this before as my /usr/local was occupied by my stuff and Homebrew strongly advices against that). However, before Homebrew will work you have to tell Xcode where the Developer dir is, otherwise Xcode still thinks it should be at /Developer (this is after a clean install mind you, so I think this is a bug in Xcode 4.3). Open up Terminal and enter:

$ xcode-select -switch /Applications/

Now you can install autotools with Homebrew by typing

$ brew install autoconf automake

With this setup it is now possible to compile MacVim without any problems (actually, you don’t need autotools to build MacVim since it comes with a pre-generated configure script but I need autoconf to generate said script).

Lastly, it turns out Haskell was broken by Xcode 4.3 as well (cabal would complain about gcc not being found). To fix it, open up /usr/bin/ghc with a text editor and look for the line which says pgmgcc="/Developer/usr/bin/gcc" and change this to say


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